Spotzi Newsletter March 2018

In this newsletter: More about our marketing location solutions, we moved and we highlight postal code and admin level maps in map of the month.

Our new website and new and updated population data!

For Spotzi 2018 is the year of changes. In January we moved to our new office After months of hard work we can finally announce the new Spotzi website! Based on your feedback we have totally redesigned our website and made the following changes:

  • Completely new and fresh design
  • Online datashop catalogue where you can easily find your desired dataset
  • Mobile-friendly interface
  • Lots of new and interesting data sets with lots more to come.

Which countries have the highest population growth?

We updated the population statistics of more than 100 countries

At Spotzi we see a big increase in the demand for cross-border data. Research shows that companies that operate internationally grow much faster. But which country to pick when you want to expand your business internationally? Spotzi did some research.

Europe is growing moderately, Africa knows the largest population growth

In our research we compared the population data of a large number of countries around the world. European countries like Belgium and Germany have a moderate population growth. Italy and Spain even show a population shrinkage. The largest population growth can be found on the African continent. Do you already have a business in a French speaking country? In that case we recommend to start researching new markets in Africa as quite a few countries speak French.

How about Asia? China has known an enormous increase in population and is therefore also a very interesting market. In recent years we actually see that the population isn’t growing that much anymore. We do see a strong migration from the countryside to the Chinese cities. Is there population data available in China I hear you wonder? Yes, there certainly is. The latest Chinese census dates is from 2010 and is only available as a printed book (!). After months of translating and analyzing Chinese satellite imagery we are able to provide a reliable picture of the Chinese population in 2017.

Are you curious about the results? Visit our datashop and browse through our free-to-view maps. If you are interested in the data, please contact us for a demo.

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