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Select multiple locations on a map with Spotzi Dashboards


Selecting multiple locations on a map and editing the styling or information of those particular points, lines or polygons? It sounds like a simple solution, but many mapping tools, like Google Maps, don't seem to be equipped with a multiselect functionality like this.

At Spotzi, we believe data analytics should be easy-to-use and available for everyone. Not everyone is a data scientist and new insights should be achieved within just a few clicks. With Spotzi, you can just draw an area on the map and edit the styling and information of all map features within that particular area. Just as simple as that.

Find locations and areas within your selection

Editing the information of styling of a certain point or area? Just draw your selection on the map in order to select multiple (postal code) areas and locations.

Export data based on your selection

With Spotzi you can also create/export a list of locations/addresses that are situated within your selected area. When combined with our POI maps functionality, you can quickly select multiple restaurants, ATMs, airfields or even pet stores.

More interested in a radius?

Spotzi Dashboards are also equipped with a radius tool to only select all map features within a certain buffer (km/miles)

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