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What is a KML file?


A KML file format, also called a Keyhole Markup Language, is an XML file that is optimized for internet-based earth browsers like Google Maps. This file type was developed by Keyhole Inc. The precursor of Google Earth. A KML file contains the data that is needed to draw the map features (point, line or polygon) on the map, but it also contains more information about every attribute. The KML format is used by popular online map browsers like Google Earth and Google Maps.


A complete KML dataset is structured like this:

What is a KML file?
  • The first part contains more information about the file;
  • The second part contains the name of the dataset and the names of the column headers of the dataset;
  • The third part contains the title of the dataset;
  • The fourth part contains the placemark tag. This placemark tag contains the data attributes;
  • The fifth part contains the coordinates that are needed to draw a point, line or polygon on the map;
  • The last part contains the closing tags.

What software opens a KML file?

Associated filename extensions

  • .kml
  • .xml

Import a KML file into the Spotzi Mapbuilder?
The Spotzi Mapbuilder is an online GIS tool that supports KML files to create beautiful maps and perform advanced location analytics. Read our documentation on how to import a KML into the Spotzi Mapbuilder.

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