Combine data

Combine data with the Join App

Combining datasets is a very popular functionality in the Spotzi Mapbuilder. Our users often use this functionality to combine data like Excel files to geographical datasets used in location analytics. Joining, datasets helps them to plot this information on the map. Spotzi offers this solution with the Join App.

There are two ways to start the Join App:

  • Go to My Apps and open the Join App.
Edit the Data of a Map Feature
  • Go to My Data, find the dataset you want to combine and click the JOIN DATASET button.
Edit the Data of a Map Feature

After starting the Join App you have two options:

  • Spatial Join – Combining datasets when features on the map are overlapping. If you have plotted the locations of your customers on the map and want to enrich this data when there is an overlap with for example the consumer spending map. Read more…
  • Data Join – Combine datasets based on corresponding values. For example, if you have bought a postal code boundary map and you want to add your own customer data to certain postal code areas. Read more…

Lots of our customers are using the Join App to gain more insights from their data. For example:

  • Combine Excel data with the latest turnover figures with our postal code boundaries and analyze which areas perform best.
  • Analyze the spending behaviour of your consumer on the map and combine your customer data to the Spotzi Consumer Spending data.
  • Create a map to assign areas to sales managers and connect your Excel sheets to areas on the map.
Edit the Data of a Map Feature